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“You will soon learn to appreciate me.” – Jabba the Hutt

It’s a big galaxy out there and it’s full of alien races. This is a reference guide to the most common sentients in the Star Wars universe. As per STAR WARS Fate: “Your species says a lot about how other beings will react toward you and what your innate physiology suggests are potential strengths and weaknesses. You can invoke your high concept to take advantage of these species traits, or the GM can compel them.”

Some races are noted as being near-humans – they are essentially humans but may have special abilities that can be invoked, or potentially be built as a stunt.


The galaxy’s most numerous and politically dominant sentient species with millions of major and minor colonies galaxywide. Humans are the most common species, so they are the standard to which the biology, psychology, and culture of other species are compared. (Wookiepedia)

Near-human races below are marked with an asterisk

The Arkanians have genetically modified themselves for millennia, so it is hard to say what an Arkaniah is; most could pass for Human but for their pure white eyes and four clawed digits on each hand. Arkanians also have infrared vision, and their eyes are sensitive to sources of extreme heat. It is normal for Arkanians to manipulate their own bodies to improve themselves, either genetically or by using cybernetics.

Arkanians are best known for their brilliant scientists, academics, boundless arrogance and great wealth. (Wookiepedia)
The geneticists of Arkania experimented on their own species, mixing the blood of other races with their own to create the so-called Arkanian offshoots. These were first bred for specific tasks such as mechanical, technical or outright dangerous work in order to relieve pure-blooded Arkanians of that burden. With stark white skin, offshoots are easily distinguished from the pure-bloods. (Wookiepedia)
Bith are a peaceful and advanced species from Clak’dor VII. They are found galaxy-wide at all levels of society, most notably as engineers, scientists, intellectuals, consultants, and musicians.

Bith sense sound as colors (this makes them vulnerable to sonic weapons) and their eyes see microscopic details of nearby objects (but they are extremely nearsighted). They also have high manual dexterity, but their physical prowess is only average.

Bith do not sleep; they slip into a light trance for a few hours, during which they are completely aware of their surroundings. (Wookiepedia)
Bothans are furry mammalian anthropoids about 1.5 meters tall. Hailing from Bothawui and several colonies, Bothans have canine, feline, and equine features. They are known for being master politicians and spies.

Bothans are covered in fur which ripple according to their emotional state; this can betray them when they intend to be duplicitous in their dealings with others. They have tapered pointed ears, and both males and females have beards. (Wookiepedia)
A feline humanoid species, the Cathar are a respected species known for their loyalty, passion and temper. They are efficient handto-hand combatants, possessing retractable claws, strong physiques and natural agility. (Wookiepedia), Art by Witchingbones
Cereans are 2 meter-tall humanoid mammalians from Cerea in the Mid Rim. They have tall tapering heads with binary brains that let them focus on many things at the same time. It also allows them to simultaneously ponder two sides of an issue. However, they are not as well coordinated as Humans.

Cereans are thoughtful, calm, rational and analytical. They are superior meditators, and use Kasha crystals as meditational tools. Cerean Jedi sometimes incorporate these crystals into their lightsabers. (Wookiepedia)
The Chiss are a tall, blue-skinned Near-Human civilization from the planet Csilla in the Unknown Regions; due to the remote position of their home territory in the Chiss Ascendancy they remained largely an enigma to the rest of the galaxy, and contact with outsiders was limited even in the days of the Galactic Alliance. (Wookiepedia)
Draethos are warrior-like humanoids from planet Draethos, notable for their long natural lifespans and ability to communicate telepathically with any sentient being. They have large teeth, scaly skin that ranged in color from blue to purple to black., and their fingers end in narrow tips which resembled claws. They have low-light vision, a trait gained from their cave-dwelling ancestors.(Wookiepedia)
Duros are 1.7-2m tall reptilian humanoids with smooth blue-green skin, red eyes and lipless mouths. They have near photographic memories and lay eggs to reproduce. They are from Duro, a world that is currently so polluted that it has been uninhabited for centuries – instead, they live in orbital space cities above the planet.

They were one of the first spacefaring civilizations and are great pilots, navigators, explorers and adventurers. In fact, the Duros even helped found the Galatic Republic. (Wookiepedia)
Like Nautolans, Feeorin have thick tendrils hanging from the backs of their heads, with smaller and thinner ones hanging from their face. Their mottled skin range from yellow to green and blue. Feeorin can live up to four hundred years and grow stronger with age rather than weaker.

Feeorin are quick to anger and highly impersonal. They place their own affairs above others, causing the other species to think of them as a selfish race. (Wookiepedia)
This is a Gamorrean’s block text. (Wookiepedia)
This is a Gungan’s block text. (Wookiepedia)
This is a Hutt’s block text. (Wookiepedia)
This is an Ithorian’s block text. (Wookiepedia)
This is a Kel Dor’s block text. (Wookiepedia)
This is a Khil’s block text. (Wookiepedia)
This is a Kiffar block text. (Wookiepedia)
This is a Massassi’s block text. (Wookiepedia – Massassi, Wookiepedia – Kissai)
This is a Mandalorian’s block text. (Wookiepedia)
This is a Miraluka’s block text. (Wookiepedia), Art by ScruffyRonin
This is a Mirialan’s block text. (Wookiepedia), Artwork by Scruffyronin
This is a Mon Calamari’s block text. (Wookiepedia)
Nautolans are 1.8 meter tall amphibians from Glee Anselm with smooth green, blue or brown skin. Their large eyes are black or dark maroon. They can breath underwater but do not experience difficulties out of water.

They are excellent swimmers and see well in low light; they also have an exceptional sense of smell and pheromone-sensing skills, which are enhanced by their head-tresses. These head-tress tendrils can detect the emotional state of another being and are important to how Nautolans communicate. (Wookiepedia)
This is a Rakata’s block text. (Wookiepedia, Art by RavingDork)
Rodians are reptilian humanoids about 1.6 megers tall. They are native to Rodia in the Tyrius system. Rodians have green skin, large round eyes and saucer-shaped antennae; they are infamous for their violent culture.

The Rodians’ antennae can detect vibrations; their flexible snouts are very sensitive at detecting smells. Their large eyes see into the infra-red spectrum, allowing them to detect body heat of prey in the darkness. (Wookiepedia)
This is a Quarren’s block text. (Wookiepedia)
This is a Selkath’s block text. (Wookiepedia)
This is a Snivvian’s block text. (Wookiepedia)
This is a Sullustan’s block text. (Wookiepedia)
This is a Togruta’s block text. (Wookiepedia)
Trandoshans are 2m tall, large warlike reptilian humanoids from Trandosha. Their sensitive eyes see into the infrared range and they can slowly regenerate lost limbs. They are heavier and stronger than most humanoids, and are renowned across the galaxy for great strength (they are at least as strong as a Wookie). They have claws on each limb, which serve well in combat but make fine work clumsy and awkward.

Trandoshans worship a goddess called the Scorekeeper; this belief leads many of them to careers as bounty hunters, mercernaries and slavers. (Wookiepedia)
Twi’leks are humanoids from Ryloth, instantly recognizable by the prehensile tentacles that grow from the base of their skulls. These “lekku” are used for subtle communication and contain a part of their brain. Twi’lek skin also encompasses a wide range of pigments and colours.

The natural grace and exotic beauty of female Twi’leks make them a popular target among slave traders, perhaps giving the impression that the species is not advanced; nothing is further from the truth. The Twi’lek have a strong warrior tradition and some exceptional individuals have been famous pilots and even served as Jedi generals. (Wookiepedia)
The 2.1m-tall Wookiees (whose name translates to People of the Trees) are tall, strong and hairy arboreal mammals from Kashyyyk. They live in treehouses nestled on that planet’s wroshyr trees. They are renowned for their great strength, intelligence, loyalty and short temper. They are also famous for their bowcasters, a weapon not seen or used anywhere else in the galaxy.

Wookies have powerful claws, sharp fangs and a sensitive nose. They greatly value honor and loyalty. Despite their fearsome reputation, they are actually calm, gentle and mild-mannered. (Wookiepedia)
1.8m tall near-humans with vestigial horns on their heads. They have many different skin tones, and are instantly recognizable because of their facial tatoos, which they receive during their rite of passage. They have a 2nd heart and are very tolerant of pain. Zabraks are native to Iridonia in the Mid Rim, which is known for its hostile terrain and fierce predators.

They are proud, strong, confident and believe nothing is truly impossible. They tend to carry themselves with an air of superiority, and are considered arrogant by other species. (Wookiepedia)



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