Tales Of The Old Republic






We’ve picked the planet Nar Shaddaa to start our adventure; I’ve compiled well-known info about that world and come up with a few Aspects below.


Symbol Of Hedonism, Lawlessness And Corruption


The Cold War For Control


Black Market Of The Galaxy
A Haven for Fugitives
Glittering Spires Above, Death & Depravity Below



Red Light Sector, an area known for its illicit entertainment. It offered services such as bodily enhancements & implants. Alongside surgical, bio-enhancement shops, other shady businesses, slavers and spice dealers, offered various products. They take advantage of the wealth, desperation or moral flexibility of visitors.

Corellian Sector, a high-rise district. Casinos and trendy hotspots such as the Meltdown Café attracted patrons from all walks of life

Duros Sector. It is inhabited mostly by Duros, and is one of the moon’s poorest regions.

Shipyards, garages

Levels of the Undercity

Black Markets

Bars: The Burning Deck, Slag Pit, Orange Lady




The so-called “smuggler’s moon” is best known for one thing: anything can be bought here if the price is right. Nar Shaddaa orbits Hutta, homeworld of the Hutt Cartel, but exists as a power in its own right. Criminal organizations and legitimate enterprises operate side-by-side, regulated only by the Hutts’ whims. Gleaming skyscrapers house corporations, casinos, technology shops, spice houses and every other type of business imaginable. Although no other world offers Nar Shaddaa’s unique services, the city has a notorious murder and disappearance rate. Gangsters, pirates, slavers and worse crowd the streets. Strangers should be extremely cautious.

This ecumenopolis is one of the wealthiest locations in the galaxy, yet it is home to some of the poorest people, the lights and towers of its upper levels embodying pleasure and excess. Nar Shaddaa also serves as a symbol of corruption; run by the Hutt Cartel, the Smuggler’s Moon supports a robust black market and is known for secretive dealings and illegal acts.

Nar Shaddaa is controlled by the Hutt Cartel, and has long been known for its lawlessness and corruption. Despite this, the moon’s wealth and opulence has continued to draw individuals from across the known galaxy; those seeking the pleasures and experiences of the Smuggler’s Moon willingly subject themselves to the whims and orchestrations of the various crime bosses vying for power within the moon’s cityscape. Due to it’s large population, it has also become an excellent place for fugitives to hide.

Those found within its polluted and neglected lower levels respect no authority other than those with power, and it is here that numerous underworld conflicts, including that between the Hutt Cartel and the Exchange crime organization, play out.



Nar Shaddaa was the largest moon of Nal Hutta. More commonly known as the Vertical City, the Smuggler’s Moon and Little Coruscant, Nar Shaddaa was similar to Coruscant in that its surface was entirely overgrown with city sprawl for millennia. But unlike Coruscant—which was only relatively rundown and dangerous on the lower and under levels of the world city—Nar Shaddaa was filthy, polluted, and infested with crime everywhere.

Ancient refueling spires and loading docks reached out from the native soil and some built in the upper atmosphere. In between these ports, massive vertical cities grew. The urban areas on Nar Shaddaa were known as vertical cities since new layers of housing and entertainment buildings were built on top of older layers, like Coruscant and Taris.

While much of Coruscant was filled with gleaming apartments and well-maintained skywalks, the entire moon that was Nar Shaddaa was dominated by decaying urban landscape and congested, polluted cities. The moon was protected by planetary shields. Anything illegal elsewhere could be bought and sold on Nar Shaddaa, and many young smugglers, pirates and criminals started their careers on the Smugglers’ Moon. Various sections of Nar Shaddaa were controlled by the Hutts and other criminal organizations.

Despite the criminal activities on the Smuggler’s Moon, it was known that many of the galaxy’s most advanced technologies were actually developed on Nar Shaddaa. Corporations that wanted to avoid regulations that prohibited testing often developed such dangerous and even valuable technology within the lower levels of the city of the moon.



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